.org domains

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Why .ORG ? .ORG is the third-largest gTLD, with over 10 million registered. .ORG domains are recognized worldwide as the domain extension of choice for nonprofits, foundations, philanthropic and cultural institutions, religious, civic, arts, social and fraternal organizations, health and legal services, clubs and community volunteer groups. People expect to find these types of organizations at a .ORG domain. Who it’s for ? Commercial and non commercial organizations Community groups Sports teams Cultural institutions Open source software projects Register for your .org domain today !

.net domains

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Why .NET ? .NET (from “network”) is one of the original top-level domains introduced in 1985, and has remained a popular extension throughout its history. Like .COM, there are no restrictions on .NET registrations. The .NET extension is operated by VeriSign. Facts A single .NET domain name can be registered in 350 different native languages .NET domain names are hosted in more than 200 countries worldwide The first domain name to ever exist was a .NET – Nordu.NET Today, more than 99.9% of 6+ character .NET domain names are available  Who it’s for ? Ideal extension for SaaS, network infrastructure, communications, […]

.shop domains

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Why .SHOP ? The word “shop” is recognized and understood in many languages and cultures around the world. A .SHOP domain name would be a great fit for ecommerce businesses targeting multiple countries. “Shop” is also a great term because of its versatility. As both a noun and a verb, .shop works equally well as a business identifier or a call to action.     Who’s it for ? Ecommerce Online services B2B services Offline retailers Service industry Shopping guides   Register for your .shop domain today!  

.com domains

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Why .COM ? Originally derived from ‘commercial’, .COM was one of the first top-level domains in the Internet used when the Domain Name System was implemented in 1985. Since then, it has grown to become the largest top-level domain, with over 88 million .COM domains registered. .COM domains are registered in more than 350 languages worldwide, and are globally recognized. The .COM registry is operated by VeriSign.  Facts Two out of three .COM domain available checks are successful 36 million times a day, a .COM domain availability check is successful 108 million previously registered .COM domain names are once again […]